68th Chatham County
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Got to Be NC Agriculture Secret Word Scavenger Hunt

DIRECTIONS FOR THE HUNT: Explore the fairgrounds to find the secret words. When you have found them all, complete this form and return to the Got to Be NC booth. You do not have to be present to win. A girl's entry and a boy's entry will be drawn randomly from all the correct entries submitted. The drawing will be held at 7:00 PM Saturday night.

Stop 1: A ____________________ melon is a horticultural crop that shares its name with a popular soft drink, and resembles a cross between a honeydew melon and a pear.
Stop 2: There are more than ____________________ different varieties of soil in North Carolina.
Stop 3: ____________________is a field crop that will be planted on more than 12 million acres of farmland across the country this year, and is used to make dollar bills and cooking oil.
Stop 4: Name three breeds of horse that commonly compete in horse shows: ____________________, ____________________ , and ____________________.
Stop 5: ____________________ is a technique used to preserve fruits and vegetables for up to one year.
Stop 6: Did you know that at least ____________________% of North Carolina farmers are younger than 55 years old?
Stop 7: Name three types of seafood grown on North Carolina farms: ____________________, ____________________ , and ____________________.
Stop 8: North Carolina’s agricultural products are bought and used by people around the world, including many people in ____________________, one of our largest export markets.

Click here to download a PDF of the 2013 Scavenger Hunt Entry Form

Entries will be available at the Got TO BE NC booth.

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