68th Chatham County
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Ikidz June 13, 2015 Chatham County Fairgrounds

Dear Children's and Youth Leaders,

I hope this letter finds you enjoying God's blessings as you begin this New Year! This is by far the most exciting letter that I have ever written! God has laid it upon my heart to spread his word out to as many people as I can. How will this be accomplished? God said have Kidz Church!

    Who is iKidz?

iKidz is a children ministry whose mission is to empower Kidz to Connect, Grow, and Serve through the word of God by teaching the biblical principles of connecting with others, growing spiritually with your local ministry and service within your community. This expo is being sponsored by New Freedom Missionary Baptist Church in Pittsboro NC with Rev. Kerry Hawkins Pastor. This event will take place June 13, 2015 at the Chatham County Fairground, 191 Dr. Martin Luther King Road Pittsboro NC 27312 from 2pm - 5pm.

  • What is iKidz Klub Expo?

An iKidz Klub expo is an event that will host a full fledge church for kids. We have Praise & Worship, prayer, Bible Lesson, object lessons and some awesome games along with some cool prizes. We found that Kidz learn better with fun interactive messages. We make learning about God fun and relevant for the kidz today! We also offer a way for the community to come and learn more about the local churches. This is a great way to share God's love and what your church offers for the family.

    Why are we doing this?

We are doing this solely to share God's love to everyone. We want to tell everyone that we meet who God is and how much He LOVES them. And introduce them to the local church within the community. There is NO CHARGE, NO OFFERINGS and there is NO PRESSURE. The only requirement is to be open to hear what God has to say! iKidz Children Ministry is submitted to Sr. Pastor Whilemina Leggett of Covenant Community Center.

    What can you do?

We are asking each church to attend and set up a booth (for free) to share information about your church with others. We will offer a table and 2 chairs.
Booths are limited so complete the booth registration form and email it to ikidzklub@gmail.com by May 29th.
We are asking you to announce this event during your morning worship and mid-week services. There are so many people looking for good church homes so we want to provide a safe place for them to find out information about some great churches here in Chatham County.
If you would like to volunteer with this event please complete the volunteer form below and email it to ikidzklub@gmail.com by May 29th.

    Still need more information?

If you are still on the fence about participating and you want more information please contact us. We would be honored to come and meet with you to discuss. We would be honored to present this to your congregation. Remember it is about sharing his Word to those that will listen.

Below you will find a flyer for the iKidz Klub Expo event, a booth request form and a Volunteer form for you to complete. For more information please feel free to contact Stephanie Forbes iKidz Klub Expo Coordinator at 919-564-8793 or email Stephanie at ikidzklub@gmail.com


Stephanie Forbes
Kidz Klub Expo Coordinator ikidzklub@gmail.com


Click here for a pdf Flyer for the IKidz Klub June 13 Event at the Chatham County Fairgrounds

Booth Registration Form

Click here for a .pdf copy of the Booth Registration Form.
Click here for a .doc copy of the Booth Registration Form.

Volunteer Registration Form

Click here for a .pdf copy of the Volunteer Registration Form.
Click here for a .doc copy of the Volunteer Registration Form.