68th Chatham County
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Wrestling the Devil

by Terry Warpoole, aka "Tony Platinum"

"Wrestling the Devil" is based on Terry's real life.

Terry was involved in professional wrestling from early in his life, but he was also fighting other things, demons if you will. He became addicted to cocaine and steroids, and was using other drugs and alcohol. During this period he became involved in pornography, and contemplated suicide. The Devil had Terry in his grips.

As he reached bottom,Terry was was arrested for selling drugs to support his habits. He started cooperating with the authorities to reduce the charges against him. But he proceeded to steal the money he was given to buy drugs for the police. Not surprisingly he was re-arrested.

Sitting in a jail cell facing at least a 12 years minimum with no parole, Terry heard a voice.

This voice told him him if he surrendered his life to Him and followed Him, he (Terry) would be set free. That's exactly what happened.

Terry gave his life to Christ in that jail cell and as it turned out, he never served a single day in jail. He was set free.

Now Terry serves God by telling his story. Of how one can overcome the greatest obstacles and change one's future; and how you don't have to give up on life. There IS a better way.

Caprice Coleman and Terry Warpoole

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